DeKalb County (Ga.) board sues to block hearing on its accreditation

Feb. 19, 2013
Georgia Board of Education has scheduled a hearing because DeKalb district's accreditation is on probation.

The DeKalb County (Ga.) school board is suing to block a hearing that could result in the removal of district's nine school board members. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the DeKalb board is seeking a temporary restraining order to prevent a hearing on Thursday by the Georgia Board of Education that could result in a recommendation to suspend the DeKalb board. A 2011 law requires a hearing for any school district whose accreditation is on probation. DeKalb has been put on probation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools amid continuing financial and management concerns. The DeKalb board's lawsuit contends that the 2011 law violates the Georgia constitution because it authorizes removal of local elected officials “without any individualized finding of misconduct.”

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