Layoff notices begin in Philadelphia schools

June 7, 2013
District's budget has a $304 million shortfall.

The Philadelphia School District has issued layoff notices to 3,783 employees, informing them they will lose their jobs July 1 because of the district’s financial crisis. The Philadelphia Inquirer says the list includes 676 teachers, 283 counselors, 127 assistant principals, and 1,202 noontime aides. Officials say more jobs will be lost. The first round involved school-based workers.The next round of layoff notices are to be mailed next week to an unknown number people who work at district headquarters.

EARLIER: The Philadelphia School District is beginning to send out thousands of layoff notices to employees. The Notebook says that Superintendent William Hite has sent an email to employees saying that because of "catastrophic financial challenges," the school system will be mailing "layoff notifications to many of our colleagues." Robert McGrogan, head of Philadelphia's principals' union, has confirmed that almost all the 160 assistant principals in his bargaining unit will be receiving notices. District officials still have no commitments for money to close a $304 million budget gap. It is asking for $120 million from the state, $60 million from the city, and $133 million in union concessions.

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