Mold may force middle school in Wyncote, Pa., to close

Oct. 14, 2013
The Cheltenham district has to decide whether to rehabilitate Cedarbrook Middle School or build a new campus.

The Cheltenham (Pa.) School District could abandon Cedarbrook Middle School in Wyncote as early as January because of mold. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the problem has closed 11 classrooms and the cafeteria at the school, where 700 students attend seventh and eighth grades. The district is considering four options to address the issue, three of which involve moving students to another location while a new school is built. The fourth option is to refurbish the 62-classroom school 10 rooms at a time. Rehabbing the 43-year-old building would cost $26.8 million. Building a school would take three years and more than $50 million, plus the cost of modular classrooms or renting space during construction.

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