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Italy High School

Victim of shooting at Italy, Texas, high school is "in good spirits," officials say

15-year-old girl is hospitalized in Dallas; 16-year-old student is in custody.

Officials say a 15-year-old girl who was shot and wounded at a high school in Italy, Texas, is “in good spirits,” but they won’t say what prompted her classmate to open fire Monday in a cafeteria with dozens of other students nearby.

CBS DFW reports that students returned to class Tuesday morning at Italy High School. A 16-year-old shooting suspect is being held at a juvenile detention center, but no charges have been filed.

The girl was taken to Dallas for treatment after the shooting. A firefighter who came to the victim’s aid said that she was shot at least six times. The girl's condition has not been disclosed.

Italy School Superintendent Lee Joffre has met with the girl at Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

The teen had a message for those attending a prayer vigil Monday night, Joffre says. “She said, ‘Mr. Joffre, you tell them, if I can recover, so can they.'”

“It’s an amazing demonstration of her strength,” Joffre said. “She was in a great mood. She was able to tell jokes, have a full conversation with us. The librarian went with me, who happens to be my wife. She went with me. The girl loves to read. She asked that the books be brought to her.”

School leaders declined to speak about any past problems related to the accused student. Several people at the high school say that the shooter felt rejected by his victim, but officials have not disclosed if they have determined a motive for the shooting.


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