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Dennis Intermediate School, Richmond, Ind.

Teenager takes his own life after exchanging gunfire with police at Indiana intermediate school

No others were injured in the incident at Dennis Intermediate School in Richmond, Ind.

An armed teenager who apparently intended to unleash an attack at an Indiana intermediate school shot himself to death Thursday morning after exchanging gunfire with police.

The Indianapolis Star reports that the shooting took place at Dennis Intermediate School in Richmond, about 70 miles east of Indianapolis.

The student who committed suicide has not been identified.

No students, staff or police were injured in the incident, authorities say. The school had been placed on lockdown, and the shooter could not get into any of the classrooms.

Richmond Police Chief Jim Branum says somebody notified police and school officials Thursday morning that an armed person was heading to Dennis Intermediate with the intention of hurting people.

Officers arrived at the school at about the same time as the suspect, and gunshots were exchanged at the north door.

The suspect fled inside the building, where he eventually was cornered in the south stairwell on the second floor.

There was another exchange of gunfire before the teen took his own life, Branum says.

The chiefs says having the classrooms on lockdown likely saved the lives of students and staff.

After the shooting, students were loaded onto buses that took them to Richmond High School, where parents were allowed to pick them up.

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