Teacher in Bangor, Mich., resigns after restraining student with duct tape WWMT-TV

Teacher in Bangor, Mich., resigns after restraining student with duct tape

Teacher admits wrapping duct tape around 16-year-old student in chemistry class.

A high school teacher in Bangor, Mich., has resigned after she admitted to restraining a student in his desk with duct tape.

A video shows a student in Bangor, Mich., who was bound in duct tape by his chemistry teacher.
​WWMT-TV reports that police are investigating the incident. The district says the teacher submitted her resignation after admitting that she bound a 16-year-old boy in duct tape during a chemistry class Monday.

Bangor Police Chief Tommy Simpson says the boy felt embarrassed and wants the teacher to be prosecuted.

“He uses his hands a lot to gesture when he’s talking,” Simpson says, “During the time of him describing what he did over the weekend, the teacher grabbed duct tape and began to put it around the upper part of his arms and his body.”

A video taken by a student shows the incident.

Simpson says a student first showed him a picture of the incident at Monday night’s school board meeting. The district asked the chief to look into, and he interviewed the teacher.

“She did admit to putting duct tape around the student,” says Simpson. “She said something about his arm movements being a distraction and resulting in time loss.”

The chief says the teacher contends that it was meant to be a joke. The student’s family is asking police to forward the case to prosecutors.

The duct tape incident comes at the same time several district employees were reprimanded for making inappropriate comments about students on a video that was posted online,

mlive.com reports that the video posted to YouTube shows teachers and a school district secretary naming colleagues and playing a game choosing which they would rather marry, kill or have sex with.

Two teachers received written reprimands, and the four others, who were determined to not have been taking part in the game, were given verbal reprimands, the school district's lawyer says. The secretary resigned her position with the district.

Several students say the teacher involved in the duct tape incident also was involved in the YouTube video, but the district would not comment.

Video from WWMT-TV:


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