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Geneva High School

Student douses self with gasoline at high school in Illinois

Staff members and fellow students at Geneva High School in Geneva, Ill., stop him from taking further steps to harm himself

A student at Geneva High School in Geneva, Ill., poured gasoline on himself Monday morning in the school cafeteria, but staff members and other students intervened before he could do further harm to himself or others.

Geneva Community Unit School District 304 says in a news release that the incident occurred at about 7:30 a.m. Monday. The student poured gasoline on himself from a water bottle,

He "was immediately prevented by students and staff from taking further steps to do self-harm or harm to others," the district said in a news release.s

First responders were dispatched to the school, and the student was taken to an area hospital. Administrators put the school on a soft lockdown for a short time and rerouted students away from the cafeteria.

Firefighters have cleaned the cafeteria so that students can re-enter the area safely.


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