A girl at Rolesville High School in Rolesville NC lies on the ground after being bodyslammed by a school resource officer CBS News

A girl at Rolesville High School in Rolesville, N.C., lies on the ground after being body-slammed by a school resource officer.

Resource officer in North Carolina put on leave after body-slamming high school student

Video shows officer at Rolesville High School picking up and slamming a girl to the ground.

A school resource officer at a North Carolina high school has been placed on leave after a video was posted online showing him slamming a female student to the ground.

CBS News reports that the incident occurred Tuesday at Rolesville High School in the Wake County School District.

The video, which was posted on Twitter, shows an officer, surrounded by shouting students near the school's cafeteria, lifting and then dropping the girl to the floor.

Police say the fight was between two female students. The girl who was slammed is a sister of one of the students who was fighting. Witnesses say she was trying to break up the fight when the officer threw her to the ground.

The girl’s mother says the girl sustained a concussion.

School Resource Officer Ruben De Los Santos has been placed on paid administrative leave, Rolesville town officials say.

In a letter to parents Tuesday, Rolesville Principal Dhedra Lassiter says, "I, like many of you, am deeply concerned about what I saw in the video."

Lassiter says the district and law enforcement agencies are reviewing the standards governing the duties and responsibilities of school resource officers.

"I understand this incident brings up questions and conversations about the manner in which we keep students and staff safe in our schools," she says.

Video from CBS News:

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