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Lewisville Elementary School

Laptops removed from Winston Salem classrooms after one catches fire

The Winston-Salem/Forsyth County district had students stopped using their Chromebooks after one began smoking in a third-grade classroom in Lewisville, N.C..

Thousands of Chromebook laptop computers are being taken out of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County (N.C.) school district after one of the machines began smoking in a classroom.

WGHP-TV reports that concern was sparked Wednesday morning when a Chromebook began smoking in a third-grade classroom at Lewisville Elementary School in Lewisville, N.C.. Students were in the room at the time.

The school was evacuated, and the smoldering device was put out.

No one was injured, but the school district is pulling about 20,000 computers from classrooms as a precaution.

Authorities are investigating what caused the computer to overheat, The Winston-Salem Journal reports. The laptop model is used by students across the district.

The Chromebooks, issued in 2015, were already scheduled to be replaced at the end of this year.

About 8,000 new Chromebooks will be put into schools this month.

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