School resource officers in the Irving Texas district soon will be equipped with body cameras

School resource officers in the Irving (Texas) district soon will be equipped with body cameras.

Irving, Texas, police are getting body cameras for school resource officers

The city has 18 officers assigned to work at schools in the Irving district.

The Irving, Texas, Police Department is planning to buy body cameras for its school resource officers. reports that the department will acquire cameras for the 18 city police officers who are assigned to work on the campuses of the Irving Independent School District.

One of the district's schools is MacArthur High School, which was pulled into the national spotlight last year when a 14-year-old boy was arrested there after a homemade clock he built was mistaken for a "hoax bomb."

The charges against Ahmed Mohammed were subsequently dropped. In the aftermath of the incident, his family moved to Qatar and has brought a lawsuit against the city of Irving and the school district for allegedly violating the boy's civil rights.

If school resource officers had body cameras when the arrest occurred, the police officer's interactions with Ahmed as they investigated the alleged threat would've been captured on video.

Authorities say the body cameras are supposed to be turned on for any active call or investigation. In a school setting, most or all of the video captured and uploaded to the department's servers will be of minors. The department says the release of body camera video is heavily regulated and any requests to release footage containing children is "heavily regulated."

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