CBS New York
A senior at Fordham University has died from injuries she sustained in a fall from the school's clock tower.

Fordham University student fatally injured in fall from clock tower

April 15, 2019
Sydney Monfries, 22, and friends had sneaked inside of the Keating Clock Tower on the Fordham campus.

A senior at Fordham University, just weeks away from graduation, has died after falling from the clock tower on the New York City campus.

CBS New York reports that Sydney Monfries, 22, entered the locked clock tower early Sunday in an apparent attempt to take a photograph.

Police say Monfries and her friends sneaked inside Keating Clock Tower around 3 a.m. Sunday with designs on climbing to the top.

University officials say Monfries lost her footing and fell about 30 feet onto a landing below.

Keating Hall and the door to its clock tower are always locked and only accessible by authorized staff members, the university says. Officials are investigating how Monfries and her friends got inside.

Students interviewed say that sneaking into the tower is a rite of passage for some seniors.

Monfries was just a few weeks away from graduating bachelor’s degree in journalism

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