Students injured by rabid fox on Georgia Tech campus

Feb. 13, 2019
Two students were injured last week on the Atlanta campus after encountering a fox; the animal was captured and tested positive for rabies.

Officials at the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta are warning the community to beware of feral animals after a fox that injured two students tested positive for rabies

WSB-TV reports that three students encountered a fox last week on a pathway behind the Molecular Science and Engineering Building near the university's Track and Field facility. Two were injured during the encounter, officials say.

After the animal was captured and sent to state officials for testing, Georgia Tech was informed that the fox tested positive for rabies.

Over the weekend, another student had a similar run-in with a different fox in the same area. That fox has not been captured. Campus officials believe there could be several others, and all of them may carry rabies.

University officials stress that anyone who may encounter a potentially rabid animal should seek medical treatment.

"It is critically important to seek medical treatment after an encounter with a potentially rabid animal. Early symptoms of rabies in humans are non-specific and may include fever, headache, and fatigue," the university says. "Left untreated the virus can cause difficulty swallowing, paralysis, and even death. These symptoms may never occur or may occur only at the very last stages of the disease."

The injured students are still being treated.

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