Rockport-Fulton High School sustained significant damage.

High school in Rockport, Texas, sustains serious damage in hurricane

Aug. 28, 2017
Rockport-Fulton High School and other campuses in the Aransas County district will be closed for at least 2 weeks.

Schools in the Aransas County (Texas) district have sustained significant damage after Hurricane Harvey leveled a direct hit on the city of Rockport.

Superintendent Joseph Patek has announced that schools in the district will be closed for at least two weeks.

District officials "have been informed that the county will be without power for two to four weeks," Patek said on the school's web site. "The goal is to have students back in class the week of Sept. 11."

The superintendent posted an update Saturday on Facebook detailing preliminary information about the extent of damage.

Rockport-Fulton High School in Rockport has damage to the air-conditioning units on the top of the building, and water damage is assumed, Patek says. Two gymnasiums have been destroyed, the bay doors of the welding building have been blown off, and the back side of the commons has damage.

Rockport-Fulton Middle School has damage to air-conditioning units on the top of the building, which may have caused further water damage in the building.

The Central Office has damage to the back of the building causing water damage in many offices.

The cafeteria skylight at Live Oak Elementary has been destroyed,  and the building has water damage.

"We do not know the extent of the water damage on any of the campuses," Patek said.

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