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Off-duty officer charged after gun discharges at high school wrestling tournament in Michigan

Off-duty Flint, Mich., officer charged with careless discharge of firearm after May 5 incident at Fowlerville, Mich., school.

An off-duty Flint, Mich., police officer has been charged after accidentally firing a gun earlier this month during a wrestling tournament at a high school.

WDIV-TV reports that Mark Andrew Boudreau's gun accidentally discharged on May 5 at Fowlerville High School in Fowlerville, Mich.

Police say Boudreau was at the school to watch his son wrestle when the gun fired, and a bullet struck the gymnasium floor. No one was injured from the gunshot, but one person was treated for a twisted ankle suffered while fleeing the scene, police say.

Boudreau is charged with one count of careless discharge of a firearm with property damage over $50.

"This time, it was an accident," parent Jack Turnblom said. "You never know when it's a real thing, and it could be anywhere."

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