Managing Your Campus Key System

Feb. 1, 2016
If you manage the locks and keys on a school or university campus, you deal with a lot of change: lock changes; key changes; personnel changes. A mechanical key system in a campus environment has a lot of moving parts, all changing over time. Wouldn’t it be great to have a key control solution to help you manage all of that change? InstaKey® Security Systems’ cloud-based key tracking software application enables you to track and monitor your mechanical key system in real time, so you can effectively organize and manage the change. And when you have to deal with the really big and undesirable change of a lost or stolen Master key, the mechanical key system manufactured by InstaKey® has a solution to help you manage that as well. With InstaKey®, a compromised Master system can be rekeyed in hours or days instead of weeks, and for just the cost of a new set of Master keys instead of the cost of an entirely new system. Watch this video to learn more.For more information, click here.Sponsored by: