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Indiana teacher who subdued school shooter is hailed as a hero

May 29, 2018
Jason Seaman, was wounded 3 times during a shooting attack in his classroom at Noblesville West Middle School in Noblesville, Ind.

Jason Seaman, the Indiana school teacher hailed as a hero for tackling a student who had opened fire in his classroom, says what he did to protect his students "were the only acceptable acts."

The Indianapolis Star reports that Seaman, who was shot three times in last week's attack at Noblesville West Middle School in Noblesville, Ind., spoke publicly for the first time Monday after being released from the hospital over the weekend.

Seaman was wounded Friday morning as he intervened to subdue a student who had entered Seaman's seventh-grade classroom with two handguns and began firing. The teacher tackled the armed student, witnesses said.

Seaman and a student, Ella Whistler, were wounded, but officials say many more could have been shot if Seaman had not acted.

Ella remains hospitalized and is making progress recovering from her injuries, Noblesville Schools Superintendent Beth Niedermeyer said Monday.

Despite his own wounds, Seaman stayed by Ella's side as they waited for medical help to arrive.

Ella stayed “alert and calm,' Seaman said. “Her courage and strength is nothing short of remarkable.”

The alleged shooter, a male student whose identity has not been disclosed, is in police custody.

Seaman, a T-shirt that read, “You Are the Reason I Teach,” spoke at a news conference on Memorial Day prior to a sectional championship baseball game between the Hamilton Southeastern Royals and the Noblesville High School Millers.

"“I’m still processing much of what has happened, but I can say with absolute certainty that I’m proud to be a Miller,” Seaman said.

Immediately after Friday's shooting, Noblesville district officials planned to move the games to another location, but eventually decided to use the event as an opportunity for the community to rally support for Ella and Seaman.

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