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Katy (Texas) district will pay departing superintendent $750,000 severance

May 14, 2018
Lance Hindt announced plans to quit on Jan. 1 in the aftermath of allegations that Hindt bullied classmates when he was a youth.

The Katy (Texas) school board has approved an amendment to departing superintendent Lance Hindt's contract that will give him a "separation payment" of at least $750,000.

KRTK-TV reports that the board voted 7 to 0 at Thursday night's meeting to change the contract, but kept the financial details of the contract amendment hidden until 4 p.m. Friday.

The $750,000 is the equivalent of two years' base salary for Hindt.

Hindt announced at the Thursday night board meeting that he will leave the district on Jan. 1, 2019, in the wake of allegations that, when he was a youth, he bullied his classmates.

The superintendent also has been accused of plagiarizing parts of his 2012 doctoral dissertation.

Greg Barrett, a Katy-area businessman, addressed a Katy school board meeting on March 19 and accused Hindt of bullying him when the two were classmates some 30 years ago.

Barrett alleges that Hindt beat him up in the restroom at school. Hindt has since issued a statement saying he didn't remember Barrett and that the claim of bullying "simply isn't true."

Two weeks after Barrett's allegations, Circuit Judge David Carpenter in Alabama said that Hindt was a "vicious bully" when the two attended Taylor High School in the Katy district in 1982.

Hindt became superintendent in Katy in 2016. Before that, he was superintendent of the Allen (Texas) district.

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