Metrasense/Tulsa Public Schools
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Advanced Detection Technology Enhances School Safety

Jan. 30, 2024
Moore (Oklahoma) Public Schools has partnered with Metrasens to ensure a more secure environment at extracurricular events.

Moore Public Schools (MPS), Oklahoma's fourth-largest public school district, has partnered with Metrasens to ensure a more secure environment at extracurricular events.

The collaboration is aimed at bolstering safety measures across the school district by deploying Metrasens Ultra detection systems across 35 campus sites and various large venues.

MPS, known for its proactive approach to maintaining the highest safety and security standards, has continually embraced new initiatives and technologies to enhance existing security measures. Building on a successful pilot of Metrasens Ultra detectors in the previous academic year, the district officially integrated them at the start of the 2023-2024 school year.

The decision to choose Metrasens was influenced by the unmatched reliability and durability of its detectors, which seamlessly align with the district's overarching safety goals, whether implemented district-wide or at individual campuses.

Following a rigorous evaluation process of various detector options, Metrasens stood out with its comprehensive product offerings and exceptional service. The company provided on-location assistance and training, earning high praise from the district.

Dustin Horstkoetter, MPS Safety and Security Director, expressed his satisfaction, stating, "The reliability and quality of Metrasens solutions are incomparable. We appreciate the partnership we have with Metrasens and the client care and technical support they can provide a district of our size."

Metrasens Ultra utilizes state-of-the-art sensor technology to swiftly and accurately identify potential threats, including concealed weapons. Its unique flexibility for both indoor and outdoor use, coupled with portability that allows easy movement within and between facilities without physical contact, set it apart from competitors. Metrasens Ultra met key MPS criteria, including non-threatening design, portability, flexibility, ease of use, battery power option, weather resistance, zonal indication, and accuracy.

"We are thrilled to play an integral part in helping MPS achieve their objective to accurately identify prohibited threat items before entry into their venues," said Chis Arbeitman, Vice President of Market and Business Development at Metrasens. "MPS is utilizing the Metrasens Ultra to screen patrons before entering middle-school and high-school events, including football and basketball games, cheerleading competitions, graduations, and school-board meetings. We remain committed to supporting all of their security initiatives to ensure a safe and positive experience for all participants in these venues."

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