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5 wounded by gunfire at Morgan State University in Baltimore

Oct. 4, 2023
Four students and another person suffered non-life-threatening injuries outside a homecoming event on campus.

Four students and another person were wounded Tuesday night when gunfire erupted outside a homecoming event at Morgan State University in Baltimore.

The Baltimore Sun reports that authorities responding to gunshots around 9:30 p.m. found five shooting victims near a campus residential building and a fine arts facility. Those five — four men and one woman, who range in age from 18 to 22 years old — suffered injuries that were not life-threatening.

 Police have not identified a suspect, but say they believe the incident stemmed from a dispute between two smaller groups. Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley said none of the people wounded were intended targets.

The shooting took place during homecoming week festivities for the historically Black university. The four-year institution, which dates back to 1867, has roughly 9,000 students.

No classes will be held for the rest of the week. Remaining homecoming events, which included a concert, parade, a football game and a gala, are canceled or postponed “until the perpetrator(s) of this atrocity have been found and brought to justice,” Morgan State President David Wilson said in a statement.

The university is increasing security measures on campus and offering campus-wide programming geared toward wellness, Wilson said Wednesday afternoon.

Shootings have soured past homecomings at Morgan.

Last year, a 20-year-old man — who was not a student at the school — was injured when he was shot at a homecoming afterparty. The year before, a freshman was shot as crowds cleared from the school’s homecoming football game.

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