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Superintendent of New Jersey district resigns after suicide of student who was bullied

Feb. 13, 2023
Adriana Kuch, 14, a student at Central Regional High School in Berkeley Township, died by suicide on Feb. 3 after a video of her being bullied and attacked at school was posted online.

The superintendent of a New Jersey school district has resigned in the aftermath of a school bullying episode that apparently led to 14-year-old freshman's suicide.

NBC News New York reports that Adriana Kuch, 14, a student at Central Regional High School in Berkeley Townshipdied by suicide on Feb. 3 after a video of her being bullied and attacked at school was posted online.

Adriana was found dead in her home two days after a bullying incident in which four students allegedly ganged up to attack her in a school hallway and record the incident.

All four girls accused in the attack on the girl have suspended from school and face criminal charges. One student has been charged with aggravated assault, two were charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, and the fourth person faces a harassment charge, according to the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office. All of those charged are juveniles, and their identities have not been disclosed.

The day after those charges were filed, superintendent Triantafillos Parlapanides stepped down.

"The Central Regional School District board of Education has accepted the resignation of Dr. Triantafillos Parlapanides," a message on the district website states. "The Central Regional School District is evaluating all current and past allegations of bullying."

Parlapanides reportedly delivered an email response to a British newspaper in which he talked about Adriana's alleged behavior and possible drug use.

Michael Kuch, Adriana's father, says his daughter was assaulted by other students and two days later, she took her own life.

The video of the attack shows Kuch walking down the hallway with her boyfriend. Suddenly, there's a quick movement from someone near the phone-holder and pink liquid sprays out of a cup, all over Kuch. She is then set upon by at least two people, the video shows, slammed into school lockers and surrounded by a trio of attackers.

The attack continues before two adults run into the video frame and pull the attackers off Kuch. She is seen writhing on the ground, her hands holding either side of her head as a man stands over her. He then helps the bruised and bloodied girl up.

Authorities have not publicly connected the attack video post to Kuch's death, but her father has. He says he believes bullying drove his daughter to suicide and eviscerated the school for not calling the cops after the attack, 

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