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University of New Mexico student shot to death; student-athlete from rival school wounded

Nov. 21, 2022
A student-athlete from New Mexico State University was wounded in an exchange of gunfire after he was lured to the University of New Mexico campus by students who allegedly planned to assault him; a UNM student was killed.

A student at the University of New Mexico was shot to death and a New Mexico State University student was wounded over the weekend when a confrontation led to an exchange of gunfire on the University of New Mexico campus in Albuquerque.

The Albuquerque Journal reports that Brandon Travis, 19, a University of New Mexico student, was killed. Mike Peake, 21, a New Mexico State University student and member of the men's basketball team, was wounded.

Peake was reported in stable condition.

Because of the shooting, the basketball game scheduled for Saturday between New Mexico and New Mexico State was postponed.

New Mexico State Police say Travis plotted with three other New Mexico students — a 17-year-old girl and two males — to lure the basketball player to the campus and assault him.

"Travis, armed with a firearm, confronted and shot" Peake, police said in a news release. Peake, who also had a firearm, shot Travis. The girl and the other two males fled the scene. The girl has been arrested, booked into the juvenile detention center and charged with aggravated battery and conspiracy. Police have identified the two males, and prosecutors are determining whether to file charges against them.

KTSM-TV reports that according to an arrest document, Peake had been speaking with the 17-year-old girl for a while, and the pair agreed to meet while he was in town. The girl said her friend Brandon Travis knew she’d been speaking with Peake and asked her to set him up so he and his friends could jump him.

Peake allegedly took an Uber to meet the girl at her residence hall. The three men approached, and Travis point a gun at Peake’s face, the girl told police. One of the other suspects was carrying a bat.

Authorities determined from witness interviews and security camera footage that Peake was hit in the leg with a bat by one of the assailants, then proceeded to run away. As he ran, Travis fired his gun at Peake; Peake then took his own firearm from his pocket and fired back at Travis.

The girl told investigators that the set-up was retaliation to a fight at the football game between the two universities last month in Las Cruces.

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