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Water damage led to Grand Rapids, Mich., school building closure

Nov. 16, 2022
The building housing Innovation Central High and Grand Rapids Montessori Middle High was closed for 3 days after workers found structural damage in an auditorium wall.

Water damage is being blamed for structural problems that prompted the Grand Rapids (Mich.) district to briefly close one of its high school buildings last week. reports that years of water damage at the facility that houses Innovation Central High and Grand Rapids Montessori Middle High caused significant rusting to the steel structure inside a wall. District leaders were concerned that the wall might collapse.

The district closed the building for three days last week and students attended classes virtually. In-person classes resumed this week after structural engineers deemed the rest of the building was safe.

The deterioration was inside a wall in the school’s auditorium behind a stage. That area had been blocked off for renovations, and contractors working there discovered the potentially dangerous conditions.

Workers are shoring up the wall, a process that is expected to take about four weeks.

The district is upgrading the building's heating, cooling and lighting, and replacing some exterior windows.

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