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3 adults injured in ceiling collapse at Memphis, Tenn., school

Aug. 16, 2022
The drop-down ceiling collapsed in the library area of Cummings K-8 school; no children were in the library at the time.

Three adults were injured when a ceiling collapsed in the library area of Cummings K-8 school in Memphis, Tenn

The adults were taken to the hospital in non-critical condition; no children were injured or in the library at the time of the collapse, reports WMC-TV

The Memphis Fire Department is checking the structure of the building. For now, the district says the incident is “an anomaly.”

“This is absolutely an unfortunate situation,”  interim superintendent John Barker said. “This building was built in 1961, so it is a little bit more of an aged building. What we’ll be able to do is take a look at that building structure there. It’s very very fortunate that no one was injured in a major way.”

Cummings students will attend LaRose Elementary while the Cummings building undergoes a structural assessment.

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