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2 school employees stabbed in attack at New York City elementary school

April 14, 2022
An intruder armed with a knife wounded a teacher and school safety agent at P.S. 69 Journey Prep School in the Bronx as they tried to stop the man from assaulting a school counselor.

A teacher, counselor and school safety agent were wounded Thursday in a knife attack at a New York City elementary school.

Claudio Villar, 23, entered the lobby of P.S. 69 Journey Prep School in the Bronx at about 8 a.m. and allegedly tried to assault a 36-year-old female guidance counselor, reports WABC-TV.  Villar is reported to be an ex-boyfriend of the counselor.

A fifth-grade socials studies teacher and a school safety agent intervened to stop the attack. Both of them were slashed with a sharp object, police say.

The victims were taken to a local hospital with minor injuries and are expected to recover. 

Villar fled the building but was later taken into custody. 

Villar is charged with assault, obstruction of governmental administration, and criminal possession of a weapon on school grounds.

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