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Kansas City (Kan.) district suspends partnership with mentoring group after allegations of misconduct

Dec. 15, 2021
The leader of the Warriors 4 Wyandotte organization is accused of sending inappropriate messages to girls.

The Kansas City (Kan.) school district has suspended its partnership with an organization that mentors students after allegations of inappropriate private messages between officials and students. 

At least two girls have allegedly exchanged inappropriate messages with Robert Vargas, CEO of Warriors 4 Wyandotte, reports The Kansas City Star

Two girls have come forward on social media about the situation and the district is asking others to do the same. 

The neighboring Turner (Kan.) district also told parents that it was suspending its partnership with Warriors 4 Wyandotte.

Kansas City, Kan., police are investigating an anonymous tip of alleged “inappropriate behavior by a member of an organization that partners with local schools,” a spokesperson said Monday.

In one alleged text exchange, posted on Facebook by an 18-year-old who’s been involved with the organization, Vargas allegedly wrote that he wanted company while getting drunk, adding, “Maybe we will have a drink or 2 Tuesday night beautiful.” 

Warriors 4 Wyandotte was founded in 2019 by Vargas. It has worked with more than 500 students and families in Wyandotte County, Kan.

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