Fruitport High School, Fruitport, Mich.

Michigan high school is being designed to protect students from shooters

Aug. 23, 2019
The Fruitport district says its high school, now under construction, has design elements to help students hide and make it more difficult for an intruder to carry out an attack

The Fruitport (Mich.) School District is building a $48 million new Fruitport High School that will have safe spaces to protect students in the event of a shooting.

WZZM-TV reports that the additioinal layers of safety incorporated in the campus design will buy students, teachers and staff time if a violent incident occurs.

"These are going to be design elements that are just naturally part of buildings going into the future," Fruitport Superintendent Bob Szymoniak. says.

When the entire project is completed in 2021, the campus will include renovations to the existing high school building and major new sections.

The new sections of the school will have long curved hallways "to cut down on the sight lines if we have an active shooter in the building," Szymoniak says

By reducing the sight lines anyone with malicious intent would be unable to see the entire length of the hallway.

Cement block bump-outs are also placed in the curved hallways "to cut down on sight lines further."  

"it also gives an opportunity for students to hide back behind and hopefully get help from within the classroom," Szymoniak says.

Inside classrooms, students can hide in one corner that can't be seen from the hallway. Access-controlled locks on all of the doors enable administrators to lock down rooms across the district with the push of one button. And impact-resistant film will be placed on all classroom windows in the nw high school.

"This building will be the safest, most secure building in the state of Michigan when it opens," Szymoniak says. "Our ask is that our community be very understanding, keep the eyes on the prize because when our high school is done it's going be magnificent."

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