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Los Angeles school board resolution limits immigration agents' access to campuses

May 11, 2017
Staff members in the nation's 2nd-largest district are being directed to deny immigration agents access to schools unless the district superintendent gives his approval.

The Los Angeles school board has unanimously approved a set of policies aimed at providing families of students with greater protection from federal immigration raids.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the guidelines state that the school system will not allow any immigration officers on campuses until they receive clearance from the superintendent, who will consult with district lawyers as situations arise.

Backers say the resolution, developed by the American Civil Liberties Union over several months, is the most comprehensive to date. Sylvia Torres-Guillén, director of education equity for ACLU of California, says it's important for school staff members to know exactly what to say and do if immigration officers arrive.

“This is an important opportunity for LAUSD to be a model for the state and for the nation,” says Torres-Guillén.

Anxiety about immigration raids in the vicinity of schools rose in Los Angeles in February, when U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents took a father into custody after he dropped off one of his children at school, with another of his children in the car with him.

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