Officer John Abbott left and DetectiveCorporal Bryan Shaw of the El Centro College police department El Centro College

Officer John Abbott (left), and Detective/Corporal Bryan Shaw of the El Centro College police department.

2 campus police officers from community college were injured in Dallas attack

El Centro College hails its officers as heroes for continuing to protect those on campus despite their injuries.

El Centro College in Dallas is hailing as heroes two of its police officers who continued to protect citizens and other officers even after being injured in last week's attack on police during a protest in the city's downtown.

The college posted a message Sunday on its web site stating that Detective/Corporal Bryan Shaw and Officer John Abbott are recovering at home from their injuries.

The two officer's injuries were not included in the initial casualty reports from Thursday night's shooting. A gunman killed five police officers who were on duty at the protest; seven officers from Dallas Police and Dallas Area Rapid Transit police were wounded.

Shaw was wounded when the gunman shot out the glass doors at the Lamar Street entrance to the college. The bullets broke through the glass and into the building, and Shaw was hit under his vest by one of those bullets as he guarded the entrance, the college says.

Shaw returned to protect other officers and civilians with bullet fragments still lodged in his stomach and was not examined by emergency medical personnel until 3 a.m. Friday. He will require surgery, but now is resting at home with his family.

Abbott also was guarding the Lamar entrance and sustained injuries to both legs from the knees down from flying glass. The college says that Abbott, who also is a U.S. Navy medic, went to the immediate aid of wounded DART officer Brent Thompson; he tried to render aid, but Thompson was too badly wounded and died on the scene. Abbott then took care of the lacerations he had received from the broken glass and returned to protect other officers and civilians. He is recovering at home with his family.

"Our El Centro College Police Department has shown true heroism as they protected the safety of our students, staff, civilians and other officers involved in Thursday’s shooting," the college says. "We salute you, and we appreciate you."

The college, part of the Dallas Community College District, says its Downtown Campus, R Building, Paramount, Wellness Center and One Main buildings will remain closed through July 17.

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