Showing Your Work Matters: Rethink Your Reporting

July 1, 2018
Sponsored by Dude Solutions

When you come in to work, you may not know what the day holds. What kind of projects will be thrown your way? How will your team perform? Will your equipment hold up?

While you’re not expected to predict the future, it’s crucial that you know how to track and report on what you’ve done and what you’re doing. That way, when someone asks about your work, you’ll be able to show exactly what your team has done, securing your employees and budget while working more efficiently.

Check out our latest ebook to learn more about:

-Reports and KPIs that prove efficiency, justify hiring and solidify budget requests
-What data to consult for replace versus repair and retrofitting decisions
-How to effectively use operations data to communicate from the boiler room to the board room

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