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Largest approved school district bond issues in Texas, 2023

Dec. 21, 2023
10 districts in Texas won voter approval in 2023 for bond requests exceeding $1 billion.

Every year, hundreds of school districts ask voters to approve bond requests that provide the funds needed to build and renovate the facilities needed to educate students. 

With more than 5.5 million students in some 1,200 school districts, Texas voters have authorized billions of dollars in spending in recent years to pay for school construction and other facility upgrades. Twenty of the nation's largest districts are in Texas, and that has resulted in larger bond proposals to meet facility needs.

In November 2023, districts in Texas sought approval for about $18 billion in capital funding, and voters approved bonds totaling more than $15 billion. In May, Texas districts placed bond proposals totaling nearly $25 billion on the ballot, and more than $21.6 billion in funding won voter approval.

Here are the 10 largest school bond requests approved in Texas in 2023.

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