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Center for Education Reform ranks the best states for school choice

May 27, 2021
The center's latest Parent Power! Index seeks to measure how well state education systems provide choice to parents.

The Center for Education Reform, which advocates for school choice and charter schools, has put together its latest Parent Power! Index, which ranks individual states in an effort to help parents understand the education options available to their children.

The index measures the extent to which each state has policies in place that put students ahead of systems; values the diversity of need and condition of every family; provides vital accessible information; and enables parents to exercise fundamental decisions regarding how their kids are educated.

The criteria the index considers: choice programs, charter schools, teacher quality, and digital and personalized learning.

Florida, which ranked second in last year's Parent Power! Index, has claimed the top in this year's rankings.

Here are the 10 states (and District of Columbia) that scored the highest on the updated Parent Power! Index

Florida                           89%
Arizona                          88%
Indiana                          85%
West Virginia               80%
Wisconsin                     76%
Minnesota                     76%
Washington, D.C.        75%
North Carolina             74%
Ohio                               74%
Utah                               74%

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