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Largest U.S. school districts by land area

Feb. 16, 2021
The 10 school systems that cover the most land are all in Alaska

The largest U.S. school district, in terms of student numbers, is New York City.

But there are other ways to rank the size of school districts.

The largest school districts in terms of land area are in Alaska. That’s not surprising because it is the largest state—more than twice the size of the next largest state, Texas.

All 10 of the largest school districts by land area are in Alaska, according to the Proximity One website.

Here are the 10 largest U.S. school districts by land area:

        District                                                                 Land area (in square miles)

North Slope Borough                                                              88,824

Yukon Koyukuk                                                                        60,092

Yukon Flats                                                                              53,928

Iditarod Area                                                                            40,420

Northwest Arctic Borough                                                     35,648

Matanuska-Susitna Borough                                                24,714

Lake and Peninsula Borough                                                23,897

Copper River                                                                           23,537

Bering Strait                                                                            22,959

Lower Kuskokwim                                                                 21,314

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