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California school districts with the largest successful bond issues, November 2020

Dec. 8, 2020
The Los Angeles district won voter approval of a $7 billion package.

Voters in California went to the polls last month and approved billions of dollars of bond referendums for capital improvements.

The list of successful bond requests was led by the Los Angeles Unified District. The nation's second-largest district won approval of a $7 billion proposal.

Here are the 10 school districts in California that passed the largest bond issues on Nov. 3.

District                                              Amount

Los Angeles Unified                             $7 billion
Oakland Unified                                    $735 million  
Pasadena Unified                                 $516.3 million
San Mateo-Foster City Elementary    $409 million
Clovis Unified                                         $335 million
Manteca Unified                                    $260 million
Inglewood Unified                                 $240 million
Whittier Union High                               $183.5 million
Jefferson Union High                            $163 million
Oceanside Unified                                  $160 million

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