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States with laws most favorable for charter schools

Sept. 22, 2020
The Center for Education Reform ranks the laws in each state governing the creation and operation of charter schools.

The laws that govern how charter schools operate in the states and Washington, D.C., vary widely. Since 1996, the Center for Education Reform has ranked those laws “in an attempt to demonstrate how weak charter school laws create weak charter schools.”
The organization’s analysis concluded that Arizona’s charter school law is the best at fostering “the creation of diverse, independent public schools that provide a maximum number of families with options.”
According to the center,  it evaluates the charter school laws based on “a battery of practices and policies, including authorizers, growth, operations, and equity.”

Here are the 10 states (and Washington, D.C.) ranked highest by the center.

State                        Score
Arizona                        51
Washington, D.C.        49
Michigan                      49
Minnesota                    48
Florida                          45
Indiana                         44
Colorado                      42.5
South Carolina            42
Texas                            40
Utah                              39.5

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