States with the most students enrolled in charter schools

June 19, 2018
More than 3.1 million students attended public charter schools in the United States in 2017-18, according to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

Enrollment in charter schools grew by about 5 percent in 2017-18, the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools says. Total estimated nationwide charter school enrollment was 3,167,000, the Alliance says.

The organization says that 309 charter schools opened in the just completed school year, and 238 charters closed in spring 2017. Nationwide, there were 7,038 charter schools operating in 2017-18, the Alliance says.

The most populous state, California, had the most charter schools (1,275) and the most students attending charter schools (630,300).

Here are the 10 states that had the most students enrolled in charters in 2017-18.

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