States with safest driving near schools

Sept. 26, 2017
Analysis of driving data in the vicinity of 75,000 schools seeks to measure where driving is the safest.

Motorists in Vermont are the safest of any state when driving around schools, according to a 2017 analysis of driving data.

That is the conclusion of a School Safety Snapshot compiled in April 2017 by Zendrive, a company that collects and analyzes mobile sensor data with a goal of improving safety for passengers and drivers. It uses the sensors in smartphones to measure and analyze driver behavior.

The company analyzed data of 3.8 million drivers and 320 million trips to measure phone use and aggressive driving around 75,000 schools in the United States. The study looked at phone use (handheld, hands-free; texting or emailing; and simply fiddling with a phone while vehicle is moving), rapid acceleration, and hard braking.

The data showed that Vermont was the state with the safest driving near schools, and California was the state with the most dangerous driving near schools.

Driving near Victory Christian School in Jackson County, N.C., was the safest while driving near Trinity Downtown Lutheran Church and School in Harris County, Texas, was the most dangerous driving, according to the data.

Here are the 10 states that had the safest driving near schools.

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