Re-ranking BCS universities by academics

Dec. 12, 2012
The New America Foundation, rating the academic performance of the nation's top college football teams, puts Northwestern University on top

Each year, the New America Foundation's Higher Ed Watch blog takes the universities whose football teams are among the top 25 of the Bowl Championship Series rankings and lines them up based on the academic performance of members of the football teams.

The foundation says it calculates the difference between the entire football team’s graduation rate and that of the male students at the university; the graduation gap between black and white students on the team compared with the same gap among the overall school’s male population; and the gap between the graduation rate of black football players and that of black men at the school.

BCS Rankings by Academics, December 2012
1 Northwestern 139 2 Northern Illinois 126.7 3 Boise State 118.7 4 Stanford 105 5 Notre Dame 102.7 6 San Jose State 86 7 Alabama 83.7 8 Nebraska 79.7 9 Utah State 77 10 Georgia 71 Source: New America Foundation

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