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Students protesting conditions at South Oak Cliff High School in Dallas may stage a walkout
<p>Students protesting conditions at South Oak Cliff High School in Dallas may stage a walkout.</p>

Students at Dallas high school protest building conditions (with Video)

They say construction work at South Oak Cliff High School has created poor learning conditions.

Some students at a high school in Dallas are threatening to walk out of classes to draw attention to what they say are substandard facility conditions. reports that the students at South Oak Cliff High School want the Dallas district to improve conditions at the school, which is undergoing renovations while students are attending classes.

Students say their education and their health is at risk because of the ongoing work on the facility. They say that because of the renovations, the school building is not a suitable learning environment. They want the repairs to be completed during the two-week Christmas vacation. The current schedule calls for the work to be completed in February.

Among the problems cited by students are exposed pipes and wiring.

A district spokesperson said in October that the heating and cooling system is being upgraded while students are in the building, but that the activity posed no threat.

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