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Closed for repairs for more than a year the Allen district39s Eagle Stadium will reopen in time for high school graduation on June 5 Photo: Allen ISD
<p>Closed for repairs for more than a year, the Allen district&#39;s Eagle Stadium will reopen in time for high school graduation on June 5.</p>

Stadium repairs nearly complete in Allen (Texas) district

$60 million Eagle Stadium was closed for more than a year while structural defects were repaired.

The Allen (Texas) district is finishing up repairs on a $60 million stadium that had to be shut down last year because of structural problems.

The district says 10 months of work on Eagle Stadium is nearing completion and the facility will be able to host the Allen High School graduation on June 5.

The 18,000-seat stadium was closed in February 2014 when structural problems were detected. A subsequent review of the entire project by an independent engineering firm found more flaws and necessitated major repairs to the foundation and other stadium support areas, the district says.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Pogue Construction and PBK — the contractor and architectural firm on the project — have paid the Allen district $2.5 million to cover the losses Allen incurred from closing the facility.

"Completing the work on time and at no cost to the school district has been our goal from the start," Allen Superintendent Lance Hindt says. "We wouldn't be here without cooperation from all of the parties involved."

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