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As cost projections climb, Hempfield Area (Pennsylvania) district puts high school renovation on hold

Aug. 11, 2023
Initial cost estimates for overhauling Hempfield Area High School were between $97 million and $110 million; the most recent estimate is $148 million to $150 million.

Renovations on Hempfield Area High School in Greenburg, Pennsylvania, are on hold after revised project costs have soared over the original estimates.  

KDKA-TV reports that bid totals for the project now are roughly $16 million more than estimates from earlier this summer.

Hempfield Area School District Superintendent Tammy Wolicki says the new cost estimate may mean certain aspects of the project will be scaled back or eliminated. 

Some of the changes could mean things like the swimming pool going from eight to six lanes, the scoreboard in the gym being smaller as well as seating for the school's sports arena being scaled back. 

Initial first estimates put construction costs in 2022 between $97 million to $110 million. That changed in June of this year with a revised estimate of $132 million. This week, officials said the cost now is estimated to be $148 million to $150 million. 

Plans call for gutting the 66-year-old high school and replacing everything. Major changes include moving the high school entrance, creating a new athletic wing, upgrading the exterior, relocating the science wing and adding more space to the cafeteria and arts wing.

As the administration and school board review the project to see what changes are feasible, construction will likely be delayed until next spring.

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