Owensboro (Ky.) district renovates elementary school

Jan. 15, 2023
Cravens Elementary School has a new library and other upgrades.

 The Owensboro (Ky.) district has held a ribbon cutting to mark the renovation of Cravens Elementary School.

WFIE-TV reports that the updated space includes renovated classrooms, hallways, restrooms and a new library.

Owensboro Public Schools Superintendent Matthew Constant says the renovated resources in Cravens Elementary will reflect how much the district values academia, school pride and community development.

“So schools have taken on lots more roles than just teaching and learning, and that all played into this facility being built, and the spaces that we planned so that we could actually be the community ‘place to be,’” Constant says.

Cravens Principal Courtney Cliff says the previous learning environment did not meet all of the students' needs. She says she’s grateful the district now is able to provide that space to the students and staff.

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