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Structural concerns cause Grand Rapids, Mich., school building to close for remainder of the week

Nov. 10, 2022
Contractors working on the 111-year-old building that houses Innovation Central High and Grand Rapids Montessori Middle High raised concerns about potential deterioration in one of the walls.

In-person classes at Innovation Central High and Grand Rapids Montessori Middle High in Grand Rapids, Mich., have been canceled for the remainder of the week because of a deteriorating wall. 

The building, which is shared by the two schools, is being renovated, and a portion was still being used for classes, the district says in a news release. Students will be taught virtually while the building is off limits.

Contractors working on the project raised concerns about the structural integrity of one of the auditorium walls because of potential deterioration. Because of the construction, the area had been blocked off; the new information has prompted district leaders to cancel classes in the building and investigate further as a safety precaution.

The building, formerly Central High, was built in 1911.

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