Provo High School
Provo High School

Brigham Young University will use former high school in Provo, Utah., as a temporary home for its arts programs

June 15, 2022
BYU bought the former Provo High School building in 2016.

Brigham Young University's college of fine arts and communications is renovating a former high school in Provo, Utah, to temporarily house its arts programs.

The university will use the former Provo High School while a new arts building is being constructed on the Brigham Young campus, reports The Daily Universe

The college is demolishing the Harris Fine Arts Center to make way for a new facility, which is set to be completed in 2025, the university says in a news release. 

The university purchased the former high school in 2016. 

The high school renovation will create galleries, theatrical spaces, dark rooms, and design studios.

One of the gyms in the building has been renovated into a theater that seats about 450 people. 

The high school’s auditorium theatre will be used as a place to screen films and a lecture space. Another one of the gyms has been turned into a prop closet.

Dark rooms are being constructed in the previous kitchen space of the high school, and the cafeteria has been transformed into a black box theatre. Rooms are being constructed to become design studios to display artwork.

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