St. Helens School District
St. Helens High School rendering

High school in St. Helens, Ore., is undergoing a $67 million renovation

Sept. 10, 2021
The improvements at St. Helens High will bolster security on the campus.

The St. Helens (Ore.) school district will begin demolishing parts of St. Helens High School early next year to make way for a $67 million campus renovation.

District officials say the gym, the auditorium, and the cafeteria, which are part of building A, will be retained, reports The Chronicle.

The renovations will upgrade security for students, staff and visitors. The improvements will cost the district about $67 million.

Officials said that the office will have a better view of the school, and the windows along the outside of the building will enable those inside to see anyone approaching the building.

The existing high school is composed of four buildings, and students walk between them during the transition of each class period. The new plans call for connecting three of the buildings so that students won't have to to go outside to get to their next destination.

Connecting the buildings will also improve security by reducing the number of exterior doors.

The high school's athletic fields, performing arts area and cafeteria also will be upgraded.

The funding for the high school project comes from two voter-approved bonds.

During construction and demolition, students will be housed in portable classrooms.

Soderstrom Architects designed the facility and Hoffman Construction is the contractor.

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