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University of Pennsylvania's Sansom Place East residence hall is undergoing $94 million in renovations

July 12, 2021
Sansom Place East is the only graduate student residence hall on the Philadelphia campus.

University of Pennsylvania's only graduate student residence hall, Sansom Place East, is undergoing $94 million in renovations.

The Sansom Place East renovation will be one of the largest projects at the Philadelphia-based university. It will consist of six main sub-projects: the construction of a transitional space, a central plaza, a backyard lounge, an intimate lounge, a quiet study courtyard, and a "grill and chill" terrace, reports The Daily Pennsylvanian.

All windows will be replaced, interior rooms will be renovated, and the lobby will be expanded to bring in more natural light. Student rooms will be furnished and have washers and dryers.

The main goal of the Sansom Place East renovation is to create more affordable places to live for graduate students,says Marie Witt, vice president of Penn’s Business Services Divisions .

In years past, graduate students have voiced concerns over the living conditions in Sansom Place East. They complained of faulty appliances, pests, and an overall lack of cleanliness.

The announced renovation comes nearly two years after administrators held focus groups with graduate students following widespread complaints.

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