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Oregon school district utilizing approved bond money

Oregon school district utilizing approved bond money

The Springfield School District in Oregon is planning how to spend the $71.5 million bond measure that voters approved last month to make upgrades and improvements to its schools.

As part of improvements, the district has ordered 850 new classroom door locks to be installed at every school except for two elementary schools that already have the specialized locks, spokeswoman Devon Ashbridge told the Register Guard.

The new locks will allow teachers to lock classroom doors from the inside during an emergency, rather than having to go outside of their classrooms to do so.

 $13.6 million of bond funds will be used for technology upgrades throughout the district. Upgrades will include new classroom computers and e-readers in every school. In addition, the district will order the technology infrastructure to help increase bandwidth and wireless Internet access in schools. Administrators are planning to complete the upgrades within the next month, the Register Guard reported.

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