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Pennsbury (Pennsylvania) board votes to build new high school

Nov. 27, 2023
The board opts for new construction rather than a renovation of the Pennsbury High School's West campus.

The Pennsbury (Pennsylvania) School Board has decided to build a new high school.

The Levittown Patch reports that the board voted 8 to 1 to construct a new facility rather than renovate the West campus of the existing Pennsbury High School.

The new high school could cost anywhere from $250 million to $277 million, the district says. The vote authorizes the school district to hire an architect and aim for building a school that would open for the 2029 school year.

School board member Lois Lambing cited a pressing need for a new high school to provide a safe learning environment for students. The West campus is an aging infrastructure with "moldy, leaky and dilapidated buildings,” she says/

Board member Jim Prokopiak voted against the measure, saying he was the voice for senior citizens and those who cannot afford the additional taxes that a new school could bring.

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