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Career Tech high school opens in St. George, Utah

Oct. 23, 2023
The $33 million Career Tech High offers students 8 program pathways.

The Washington County (Utah) School District has opened the 126,607-square-foot Career Tech High School in St. George.

The St. George News reports that the $33 million school offers eight pathways of academic programs for students: Construction & Architecture; Info Tech & Cybersecurity; Graphic Design & Digital Media; Health Science; Early Childhood Development Education & K-12 Teaching; Culinary Arts, Tourism & Hospitality; Engineering Technology & Robotics; and Business Marketing & Entrepreneurship.

Each program offers help in getting certified and earned credentials for each industry, college credit as well as a high school diploma.

Each of the school's 20 classrooms and 16 labs had “treasures” and “trinkets” specific to their pathways. For instance, engineering rooms had drones, rovers, and 3D printers.

There was not one student desk in the entire school. Instead, rooms are equipped with tables with sinks, electrical plug-ins, computer monitors, drafting stands and workstations.

Because the school is career-oriented, it has no athletic fields. It does have a gymnasium to provide physical education and to accommodate assemblies and special presentations.

The enrollment is about 520--25 seniors, 85 juniors, 190 sophomores and 220 freshmen. The building's capacity is 800 students.

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