Monett R-1 School District
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New middle school poised to open in Monett (Missouri) district

Aug. 16, 2023
Voters approved a $21 million bond proposal in 2020 to pay for the new facility.

The Monett (Missouri) R-1 School District is ready to open a new Monett Middle School

The district says the new school features modern classrooms that incorporate the latest educational technology and security.

Integrated security measures have been incorporated, including secure entrances, surveillance cameras, and modern access safety control systems.

Classrooms are designed to be collaborative with flexible space to support students and focus on their strengths and talents.

The media center and library will offer students a quiet place for reading and research, with an extensive collection of digital resources. The athletic facilities include a gymnasium, weight room, and fitness room.

The cafeteria is designed to be a welcoming space, focusing on providing healthful, nutritious food options.

A special space has been designated for the school counseling department to provide emotional and educational support. 

Funds for the construction came from a $21 million bond proposal voters approved in 2020.

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