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$90 million upgrade of Jefferson Community and Technical College aims to transform downtown Louisville, Kentucky

Aug. 3, 2023
Officials say the project will create "a space that feels like a college."

Jefferson Community and Technical College has unveiled a $90 million plan to transform its campus in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.

WAVE-TV reports that officials believe the project will give a whole new look to the college.

“We just need a space that feels like a college, and this investment is what’s going to get us to that,” college president Ty Handy said.

Handy says the $90 million investment in his campus will help the fourth-largest college in Kentucky become a premiere destination.

“We’ve had this central parking lot just covered in cars, and we haven’t felt like a college campus,” Handy said. “And the investments we’re going to make in the next three years to build new buildings here on this location are going to transform this college.”

The project also will serve as an anchor for the Louisville Medical and Education District, or LOUMED, along with the University of Louisville Health Sciences Center, UofL Health, Norton Healthcare and the college.

Phase one will demolish the existing parking, construct a new parking garage and erect a new science building.

The college says the 40,000-square-foot academic science building will face First Street and eventually replace the 11-story Hartford Hall Tower. A new green space between the two buildings will act as a gathering place for students and staff.

Construction is set to begin on the parking lot in the coming weeks with the hopes of completing phase one by April 2025.

Phase two will begin shortly after and will include demolition of the old science building and creation of a new math building.

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